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For more information about fuel pumps theory, improving fuel pumps accuracy, and calibration techniques, see the
Swisor Auto Parts Technical Reference Manual.

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Reference Manual



Reference Section--Removing the Pump Hanger Assembly

1.If the pump assembly is attached with screws, note location and remove them. If it's held in place by a locking ring, gently tap and loosen the ring using a non-ferrous punch to avoid sparks. Inspect the lock ring and replace it if damaged. Note location of fuel lines and electrical wiring.

2.Carefully remove the pump assembly from the tank. It may include a fuel-level sending unit, so bending the float might cause inaccurate fuel-gauge readings. Match tank O-ring or gasket with new ones for right size, then discard the old one.

3.Inspect the in-tank fuel strainer carefully. Look for clogging by rust or dirt, slime from water in fuel. A contaminated fuel tank must be cleaned--or replaced--before installing the pump.

4.Inspect electrical connectors for corrosion, hanger tubes and sender unit for damage.If hanger assembly appears corroded or damaged, replace the entire pump and hanger assembly.


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