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For more information about fuel pumps theory, improving fuel pumps accuracy, and calibration techniques, see the
Swisor Auto Parts Technical Reference Manual.

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Reference Section--Reinstalling Pump Hanger Assembly and Fuel Tank

You've checked and double-checked installation of the pump in the hanger assembly, so it's time to reinstall the hanger assembly in the fuel tank.
1. Replace the hanger assembly, making sure it's positioned exactly as before. Take care not to allow dirt or water to enter the tank, because contaminates will cause premature pump failure.
2. Install the new seal in the tank channel or the hanger lip. Fasten with screws tightened to the manufacturer's specifications. Or, hand-tighten the lock ring and snug it down by tapping with a non-ferrous punch.Don't use gasket sealant!
3. To run the pump, position the tank so you can connect fuel lines and electrical wiring. Make sure the tank holds enough fuel to prevent the pump from running dry! Reattach the negative battery cable and switch the ignition on. You'll hear the pump operate for a few seconds, then shut off. If not, disconnect the battery again and review the installation from here on back.
4. Everything checks out okay. Great! Install the filler neck, if necessary; secure the tank straps; remove the jack stands and lower the vehicle. Refill tank with fresh fuel, or the filtered clean fuel you drained from the tank.
Final Testing the Fuel Pump Replacement.
The vehicle may hesitate to start while the fuel system refills and pressurizes. You may need to switch the ignition on and off several times. Some ECMs shut down the pump in a few seconds if the engine hasn't started.
FINAL CAUTION: Inspect for fuel leaks, especially at the tank connections and from the tank seams.
Road-test vehicle from curb idle to highway speeds


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